Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A week at home in pictures

We take pictures like this to make you think our house is really peaceful and get you to come over... Ha! 
Eli loves pineapple. I just had to be careful he didn't suck it out of my hands and choke.

It's worth 3 pictures to show that Eli is sitting. He also started crawling, but that is less romantic because it makes Noah super angry that Eli can get to his stuff. I say "all we have is ours, Noah" or something equally cryptic about ownership, and then he understands. Just kidding. That just makes him more angry so I only do it if I'm being annoying.

In a moment of weakness at the pet shop, I bought Noah a goldfish. I know. Thankfully my parents had an old tank in the garage, otherwise Gold wouldn't have been happy. We were keeping him in Eug's giant beer heating up pot. I am hoping this is a stepping stone to quail.

Noah is becoming a great drummer. Especially late at night.

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