Friday, October 12, 2012

Biker Boy

Someone we knew said she'd like to give Noah her old toddler bike, but it fell through. By this time Noah was obsessed with the idea of it (he cut pictures of the bike out of newspaper ads and tacked it on the board in his room) so when I found a second hand one, I snapped it up:

Are guys born knowing how to pose like this???? He wanted something so that he could collect stuff when he goes out on the street. Or I did. One day I noticed my pocket bulging, and he had just been dropping rocks into my back pocket. 
Eli is getting his personality: he's lovable and flexible but Don't Take Away The Thing He Wants to Chew On.

Noah helps with cleaning the floor, provided his bike is nearby. He also bikes to the bathroom to pee.

I think we might wake up neighbors in the morning when we go out first thing with Noah on his bike. But it's a pretty noisy neighborhood in general, and the neighbors I've asked like Noah's noise. 
Our friends gave us their old bath hanging thingy. Which allows Noah to better eat and play while in the bath. Not the best habit but it's a relaxed way for him to finish leftovers from the food he nibbled on during the day.
Extraneous picture of Eli.

This is not a real post, I know. I'm so excited to do a tutorial on how to convert a 240L bin into a worm bin (YES, we did it!!) but I'm also navigating the waters of dissertation discouragement. It's different doing a PhD with two babies: my stress is the air they breathe, so I want to deal with stress deeply and try to make our home a good place to be little. That sounds stressful doesn't it? The way I'm navigating at the moment is working late at night so that there is less negotiation over my time during the day. Which is tiring, but not stressful. I find myself in the kitchen for at least a little time (before Eli wakes for the first time of the night), alone with my computer, and it's remarkably peaceful. 

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