Sunday, February 10, 2013

Food Adventures

I recently stopped making bread because Brody (the sourdough starter) got attacked by fruit flies (they lost, but so did Brody) and it turns out that my schedule doesn't work for making regular yeasted bread at home, as I tend not to be home for long enough stretches. I am waiting until the weather cools and the fruit flies abate before Brody #3 is born, but in the meantime, we've been trying quite a few new foods with less wheat flour than we usually consume.

Noah is able to help with most of these recipes, and he loves to be part of anything involving dough. So timing our cooking for when Eli is asleep makes meal prep slow and relaxed. These are the recipes that have gone really well- let me know if you try them and what you think!

Chickpea bread- we don't have a source of chickpea flour so I just grind chickpeas in the coffee grinder.

Cauliflower pizza It's good enough to have replaced regular pizza in our household, just based on taste. We also discovered that the greens surrounding the cauliflower can be made into something very much like collard greens- they're hearty simmered on low on the stove with onions and garlic.

Banana and egg two ingredient pancake If you have tiny kids who start bananas they have no intention of finishing, this is the recipe for you. It's really lovely.

Zucchini fritters Pretty much anything on Smitten Kitchen is good, and zucchini's are finally in season here. Except that zucchinis have the rather graphic name "baby marrow" here. South Africans, can we agree to call them zucchini? nobody wants to eat baby legs.

Tortillas certainly have flour, but it's worth it here in Cape Town where Mexican groceries are scarce- home-made tortillas open up a world of options for making beans more fun. They don't take too long to make, either.

Naan and Dal take a while to prepare, but they're worth it; Dal keeps very well in the fridge or freezer so it's been a good backup meal.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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