Friday, February 15, 2013

Just regular people doing stuff

There's a famous quote by John Holt in which he describes many parent's treatment of children as "expensive nuisances, slaves, or superpets". I've been thinking about this quote a lot as Noah is increasingly bothered by people (particularly strangers) touching him in public. Whereas before I was mainly concerned that he was causing a scene, now I am indignant on his behalf, as I would be if a stranger touched me. I am often embarrassed and try to make Noah or Eli live up to my ideas of what a great toddler or baby should be like, as though they were just extensions of me.

With the risk of treating my children like superpets, I include three videos for those of you far away from us: One that I love because of Noah and Eli's vivacious and infectious laughter as I bravely attempt to introduce Eli to a crib (ha!), one because Noah is trying to write words, and one because Eli is trying to copy him- all without our bidding. 

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