Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Common Prayer

Our day often starts way too early and Eug and I are left scrambling to just keep the house vaguely clean or give the other their chance to begin work.

Apart from my trying to wake up before the kids, Eug and I have been giving eachother a couple of minutes (5-15) first thing in the morning to pray and start the day. It's made a huge difference to my ability to listen to God during the day and avoid that feeling of being in survival mode. We've each been using this version of the book of Common prayer,  which consists of a couple of brief Bible passages and a liturgy, as well as a brief story of some event or person who followed Jesus. There's also a midday and evening prayer. I have a low expectation of myself- a few minutes several times a day- because that's what works for me and keeps me wanting more (rather than feeling burdened by another chore).

If you're also trying to follow Jesus, I wonder how you've figured out a rhythm with praying and reading the Bible alone and with your kids?

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