Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer may just have arrived

It's been a very wet, long winter, but it's finally starting to feel like summer. Late winter I got an Annual membership to the Science Centre, which is just down the road from us: I had this brilliant idea that I should have a place within walking distance that we go to on rainy days. Thing is, I bought the membership before going in and discovering it is just about the most stressful experience I could possibly subject myself to. But I got the membership so we have to go, right? Down the road is A Million Miles in Noah and Eli's world.  By the time I get there, risk our lives darting across main road, and getting up the stairs and into the centre, especially on a rainy day, I'm just about going crazy. Then we get in, and Noah and Eli run in opposite directions,  there are lots of older kids, just one huge hall (lots of space for the kids to run away to, it'll probably be awesome for the kids in 2 years or so). Then we have to walk back. Anyway. So I'm glad it's summer.

First (somewhat shriveled) blueberry of the season. Yes, you can grow blueberries in pretty large pots. They do ok.

This year we're just allowing our peach tree 3 peaches. It's an early peach, to get peaches that aren't stung without having to spray. This tree was R70 at a nursery in Somerset West, and is in two tires in our back area. 
I'm still amazed that the Ecovillage has such a large plot of land just 15 minutes from the Cape Town CBD. It's great in winter, and even better in summer. The Black River runs through it and we get to be in a large field with horses and chickens. Eli is disturbingly comfortable with horses, and he's always going up to them with little handfuls of grass. 
Noah and Eli love getting tiny cups of steamed milk.
Wacking through thistles


Michelle said...

Looks beautiful!

Concrete Gardener said...

Thank you Michelle! Great to see you here!