Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sea foraging

After getting bolder about foraging for nettles and herbs around our neighbourhood, we've started getting mussels and seaweed when we go to the beach. 

We ate a lot of seaweed back in Boston- packaged, dried, salted and with sesame oil. Here in Cape Town, Korean-branded seaweed is pretty expensive and packaged with a lot of plastic, so it's pretty exciting to try out drying our own. Noah and Eli love picking it out of rockpools, and now is the perfect time to forage- the sea lettuce is plentiful but there's less likelihood of red tide etc.- apparently that tends to happen late summer.

As for mussels, we just get enough for Noah and Eli (10-15 at a time), as an extra source of protein and for the excitement of eating them soon after we get home from the beach. I choose places where they're very plentiful and where the clean waves wash over them. There are a few spots in Sea Point that are perfect.

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