Thursday, October 10, 2013

This summer's first Boulder's trip

Noah's been asking to go back to the Penguin Beach for ages and ages and we've been watching the weather and waiting. Finally this week there was a day that was nice and hot, and our summer visits to the Penguin Beach began. There's something really idyllic about the beginning of summer. It's really quiet on a week day, because people are not yet sure if it's warm enough. That, and I suppose most people are at school or work.

In the background there's the usual life stuff: Eug's visa didn't come through and he has to go every two weeks to Home Affairs, Noah's birth certificate is still not through, our stove and vacuum cleaner both broke the same week. But in this, there's Noah and Eli and a life we feel really grateful for. I love that Boulders is far enough away that we have to pack a really good picnic, and take off the whole day. Eug and I each work six days a week, about 3 hour chunk for each of us, and maybe an hour early in the morning or in the evening. Sometimes it's amazing and wonderful- we're working on stuff we chose- and sometimes it's not. I guess what I'm trying to say is that our beach trips are a part of our lives- a wonderful part, but they're also intentional breaks from the regular schedule we've built for ourselves. A guaranteed break from worrying whether I'm socializing Noah, from Noah and Eli fighting, from Eli drawing on the walls with anything he can find. 

This trip, I was surprised to discover Eli has developed a fear of the water. Which he managed to sortof overcome by himself by putting his ball in the water and running out to get it. Noah concentrated super hard on making a garden out of shells.

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