Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Coma of Happiness

Last night, Noah slept from 7:20 until 4am. As you'd expect we're overjoyed. But if that wasn't enough, we experienced the Noah Coma of Happiness this morning. Noah usually comes to our bed for a snack shortly before I leave for work. And he SO happy about it. He stands up, then flops down grinning like a little drunken sailor. Then, after he's had his full of breast milk, he decides to lie on one of our faces, until he's almost asleep and realizes if he's on me he's not on daddy. So he switches faces. And switches again. Because he doesn't want to miss out on Face Time. Until finally he's lying there with this blank smile on his face, staring at the ceiling. Our boy knows how to enjoy The Good Life.

In other news, the news-fast is going well, except I really would like to know how we did on the cricket World Cup. Can anyone help?

Eug is fasting from Hulu, our online alternative to TV, this lent. And since we watch hulu together in the one hour between Noah falling asleep and my getting ready for bed, that means I'm also semi-fasting from Hulu. As it turns out, I'm a little addicted. We sure don't watch the national average, which is a poor reference point, but we watch one 20 minute or 40 minute show most days.

Setting aside Hulu has felt like Found Time. Where I usually went to bed in a daze after almost falling asleep during House, it feels good to decide what to do that hour. In the midst of the media fast, I've more or less been able to complete my extra work, and I can go back to just one job and return to blogging.

So here's to the benefits of [very partial] media fasts! Looking forward to being back with you.


Bobsie Hunter said...

Rather leave the cricket team be!!! We lost hopelessly to NEW ZEALAND in the quarter finals. (they can keep their choker status!) India won - so you can imagine how happy they were & I was for Gary Kirsten who is their coach! LOL

Concrete Gardener said...

grr. I didn't know Gary Kirsten was coaching now! In my world he's still opening batsman. Why can't we win, just ONCE? WHY?

Bobsie Hunter said...

I know we were all very down for days! Gary Kirsten managed to get India top of test & limited over rankings! That was the end of his contract with the Indians! There was no reason we could not have won other than feeling pressure too much! CHOKED yet again! :(