Monday, April 18, 2011

A Soap Giveaway

Beautiful, gentle home made soap

I've been using samples of Mommy's Organic Soaps over the past few months, thanks to the super generous Pam.

I've kept two bars of this pristine soap for a reader.

As soap is not something I am likely to make, I appreciate that I can connect with the person making something essential to me, know what's in it and that it was made with care. I got to share this really refreshing and fun exchange with Pam, despite being halfway across the U.S., about things we both care about. On Pam's behalf, I invite you to do the same. As always, Etsy feels like it breaks down some of the boundaries that are created by our very diversified consumerist society; suddenly I can know who made my soap and what they care about. Amazing.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I stopped using shampoo a while ago, which has been a good experience. I don't use many products on my skin, but I still feel much less knowledgeable about personal care products than about food. With food, I know if I don't recognize the name of an ingredient, it's probably a bad sign. With personal care products, even my old favorites at The Body Shop have ingredients I've never heard of.

This has meant that I'm not terribly far on my journey towards knowing what goes on my skin. For now, knowing who I'm buying from and what they believe in is a huge step in that direction.

I kinda gave up Facebook for lent (I say kinda because I've had some lapses) so if you feel like helping to publicize the giveaway, I'll be super grateful.

The winning commenter will be announced next Tuesday!

Noah likes to show that skin...

Proof that Noah and I survived the foray into shampoo-free living, and that Noah has found a new favorite activity

And that he visited Castle Island at his earliest opportunity...


Vanessa said...

I am experimenting with no shampoo, and am loving what it does to my hair most of the time, except when I noticed some dandruff the other day! So for now I think I will alternate as needed...I have never had dandruff before, and can't say I'm willing to put up with it much.

Otherwise I try to stick with things that don't irritate my skin, and generally feel like less is better. I have become quite a fan of bare minerals though...on the days when I want to look blemish-free.

I will post some advertising on FB for you! :)

Concrete Gardener said...

Thanks Vanessa! Apple cider vinegar is apparently pretty good for dandruff, and as a conditioner. I occasionally use conditioner- maybe once every two weeks- and that seems to help, also.