Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple Baby Part 5: Stuff to help him stay clean

First, I realized I've kindof beaten this topic to death by making it a series. Sorry about that. But I've learned something: that you need a bunch of stuff for babies, and exactly what you need depends a lot on how you balance space vs. having the stuff. I get excited about having space and as little stuff as possible, because stuff takes energy. But the reality is, trying to minimize stuff also takes energy. I think I like spending time trying to get rid of things. It's hardwired. Trying to articulate our real needs helps me think through my goals around frugality, social justice, simplicity and sustainability. Hence the five-part series.

So this one's short. I refer you to an earlier post on cloth diapers.
Help Staying Clean (Part 5)
Diaper pail
Fabric wipes-- which we just put in the diaper pail with the diapers.
A potty-- in case Noah learned about that early.
Almond Oil-- with a little lavendar for massage.
Baby Wash-- a lot less than I expected though, because most of the time water does the trick.
Diaper Rash Cream-- only very, very occasionally.
Recently, nail clippers-- because those little nails grow so fast.

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