Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Made Something!!*

*with [a lot of] help from my friends...

I'm not someone who naturally gravitates towards textiles or crafty stuff.  I have no problem buying second-hand clothes that were made in a dodgy environment, I just mumble some excuse that the person who bought the clothes new is responsible for that environment, I'm just helping give the clothes extra life. Right?  Anyway.

Then there were the 16 or so years where I needed to rebel against the idea that women sew. 'Cos if we're busy sewing, we're not studying or leading or, well, doing other stuff. Which is still compelling to me, but I think maybe we can do both, in limited quantities in my case.

Feminism aside, I am rather too excited to let you know I made a bunny. Modeled after this bunny (and with help and materials from the maker of this bunny). Noah now has his very own home-made easter bunny, stuffed with an old sock.  And I feel incredibly crafty and brilliant.  So much so that I'm inspired to learn to knit socks.  Right after I re-learn to knit, period. Granny will be proud.

Because my first bunny needs more than one photo.

And, congratulations, Vanessa, our soap winner!! Soap will be on its way to you!


leah said...

Oh, it came out great! I love the way the sock stuffing makes it kind of relaxed and not too puffy.

On a serious note, you could make a good argument that sewing and knitting are both non-gendered tools for reclaiming the means of production and therefore our time and lives from the industrial consumption machine.

Of course, I just say that because I really enjoy knitting and sewing. I be a feminist by making Dan do most of the cooking.

Concrete Gardener said...

I totally agree.

I think I may have needed a decade to work through the ways that sewing and knitting are gendered (all those years of compulsory home-ec, sewing and knitting while the guys were using power tools) to get to a place where they're once again empowering, if that makes sense.

Bobsie Hunter said...

:) love it!!