Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Year's Concrete Garden

This year's garden is muted but hopeful. Thanks to the generosity of friends, I have 5 tomato plants, 1 mint, some basil, and a bell pepper plant. They're all doing well. Here's the evidence:

In South Africa, we have a piece of concrete in front of our house, and a piece of concrete in the back. So I'll still be gardening on concrete, and learning to make use of that space. We will consider removing the concrete, particularly if we are likely to stay in the house for many years to come. Either way, space will be scarce. I'm thinking about learning to grow a couple of fruit trees in the Espalier style, so that they don't produce too much shade. I think we can also grow potatoes in tires, grow tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, peppers... I'd dreaming up a forest as I write!


Vanessa said...

Haha...my garden dreams are always SO much bigger than reality currently permits. But they're still super fun dreams! :)

Concrete Gardener said...

=) I heard that many gardeners fail because they are too ambitious, not because they are not ambitious enough. I'm encouraged by that-- maybe if I grow a few more things (better) every year, I'll one day be a farmer!