Monday, June 6, 2011

Wearing 30 items for 3 months: An Update

Just a quick update on how wearing thirty items for three months is going. I think if weather in Boston were more predictable, this would actually be a perfectly large wardrobe. It's more of a stretch because I have to have some slightly warmer weather things, some cooler weather things in there.

But all in all, I love it. Every day I wake up, head over to Eug's office (where I have my closet) and open it up. Based on what's clean, it's immediately obvious what I will wear, I put it on, go to work, done.

My underwear is probably going to have to go through a similar discipline, as right now Noah pulls all my underwear and socks out of my plastic drawers pretty much every day. Eug turns to write a quick e-mail, hears happy squeeking, turns around and my son has removed all my underwear from the drawer. Even the embarrassing maternity underwear that I haven't been able to figure out what to do with. And when I put it back, I throw it in however I can. So it usually takes longer to find my underwear when I'm getting dressed in the morning.

All to say, I'm hooked. Even if it means having more clothes as security tucked away somewhere, the simplicity of just having thirty items front and center has been a transition with no downside.

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