Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Visit to Cape Cod

We wore black to Cape Cod (this was my only shirt for the weekend).  Not sure why.  Someone, thinking Eug was a waiter, asked him for a Pepsi.

The Korean memorial in Cape Cod is good for rolling down, if you're little.

Or you could just point and squeak.

A certain member of the family ate a lot of sand.

And wanted to wade in a river, across from The Mansion.


Dan Archibald said...

Looks beautiful! Much nicer than the last time we went, in April. Makes me want to go somewhere further away than Drumlin Farm, our record so far this summer!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Bleh, can't edit comments...

Your little boy is looking so cute playing by the water and in the grass :D

Sorry we missed your last trip to South Africa, I'll try and make a plan next time to meet you in CT. :)

We're planning on going on a overseas trip sometime soon, but it'll probably be around Europe.

-- Linda

Concrete Gardener said...

:) yes! I'm excited for your trip to Europe- do you think you will make it to the uk to see bronwyn?