Thursday, June 30, 2011

Servant and Master

I wrote this long financial post, but it didn't sit well with me afterwards, so I was left with the cliche, which pretty much sums up the post:
Money makes a good servant but a bad master
Can I suggest that, for people trying to be frugal (myself included), money might subtly shift from servant to master? A life that's focused on saving might be seeking the same end as one that's consumed by things- security.  Neither is secure.

Tithing or giving away significant amounts of money to achieve something for someone else is one good guard against this. I've never missed money I've given away, even when I was concerned we didn't have enough. I wish I could be brave more often.  I'm also inspired by women who choose (there are those who are pressured to, that is a different discussion) to give up their work, because they feel called to take care of their young kids. I'm inspired by my high school classmates who seem to be without debt and travel and work all around the world.

So, it's a cliche that's proved important and true to me-- may I be brave and generous more often, even if only to keep money in the better role-- that of servant.

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