Sunday, October 30, 2011

And so it begins!

Our adventure has started, thanks to many of you. Ok, sorry, that's really cliched, but I didn't have any better words. Here are some photos.
The Family in Myrtle Beach

This is soon after we arrived back from Myrtle Beach, and started to get rid of stuff. Can you believe how much clothes we had? Even after 2 other moves in 1 year?

Noah's new home...
Yesterday- when our awesome friends came to help us take stuff to Goodwill and generally help us on our journey
This is everything that we have left. Well, ok, not quite everything. This is everything. Kindof-- things slipped in without me realizing... 
Don't be annoyed by the note of pride in my voice that we have just two check-ins for our flight. It's a reflection on me, not on you. The green duffel bag above is full of disposable diaper inserts, so I almost feel like it doesn't count. Noah's stuff dominates in a big way. And the boots are Marisa's...

Having this little feels good, even though there are certain (a lot of) things we'll have to buy when we arrive in South Africa. I'm not sure what makes it feel good? Perhaps a sense that we are more than the stuff we have. Which is always very obvious, but suddenly much more tangible.

We're really going to miss our friends and family in Boston (not forgetting Providence!). We have received so much grace- people helping us to grow, training us, and just being generally loving and giving.

Marisa did the incredible job of taking us and all our gear to the hotel. Every step of the way, we had just the right person to do something no-one else could do. Thank you Marisa!

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Bobsie Hunter said...

I pray that the adventure is a good one all the way! Love you lots & look forward to seeing you all in about 5 weeks time.