Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Renting out Overpriced apartments while people are Occupying Wall Street

I know our stuff is not forever, but for an aspiring minimalist I'm pretty attached. There's freedom but also some feelings of loss and uncertainty, as it's all very complete, down to our plants and soap and dishes. I even feel attached to Eug's stuff. His college assignments.  And what is one supposed to do with wedding guest registries? Look at them?

We recently got a tenant for our apartment, using a property manager (hence many, many, many prospective tenants passing through.) Our apartment is expensive. Too expensive for us to stay in for any length of time. We have it through grace and the gift of a downpayment before Eug and I were married.

So when recent grads or grad students passed through and desperately wanted to live in the place, I felt like staging an intervention. I wanted to tell them: "Save your money!" "You can't afford to live here!" "You think you can, but you'll be spending your life energy to pay for silly rent!" I felt very old.

I sensed some element of entitlement amongst the prospective tenants, which may be imagined on my part. But it was a strange juxtaposition, as we followed young people protesting on Wall Street- citing very real issues- and at the same time had young people passing through who believed that right out of college, they should afford a nice apartment near the center of Boston. Different people, different circumstances.

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