Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cloth Diapering While Traveling (G-diapers)

We use Bumgenius diapers exclusively while we're at home, and we've used them while traveling also. With Countrysave detergent and double washing we've had maybe 3 leaks since Noah was born. So we're big fans of Bumgenius. When we were in South Africa, we used Bumgenius and hand washed and it was great. It helped that at that time, Noah pooped in the toilet, it was very hot (so diapers dried). In Korea, it was much more difficult because Noah was no longer using the toilet and we were staying with family, so it was very hard to explain why diapers needed to be washed twice.

Because of the amount of space that bum genius diapers take up, as well as our experience in Korea, we're going to be using G-Diapers while we travel this time round. Our friend helped us create a stock of g-diaper covers, and we bought inserts. I'm not as much of a g-diaper fan, because I haven't had much luck flushing the inserts down the toilet- our toilet can handle maybe one insert a day. So we have 12 cloth inserts that we'll wash, and then we'll use the disposable inserts the rest of the time.

Cloth diapering is not difficult, but during travel it's not just about what's possible, it's about how to pack efficiently and not think about poop and pee while seeing the most beautiful places in the world. As those of you who visit our house know, our solution is usually a naked baby, but we'll try to keep him clothed as much as possible.

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leah said...

3 leaks since he was born????!!!!! I have 3 leaks a day!!!!!!!

same diapers.

count. your. blessings.