Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unexpected Lumps

This morning we had everything planned out. Sell the car, ship our two boxes, wait for two people to come and buy stuff, start bagging stuff, solve the world's problems, and so on. Then, last night, in between the toilet getting clogged with a g-diaper (I'll never try to flush again), Eug having a farewell dinner with friends, my friend bringing over dinner to share... a two-inch lump. A hard, unmoving, lump.

On Noah's ribs. It looked bad. Eug asked "do we have to go to the ER?" We agreed, not if we can help it. Can we still have our respective dinners? We called our doctor (the most awesome doctor ever). She said the ER would be traumatic. So we went in first thing this morning, and she said we needed to get it looked at. And so ended our brilliant plans for the day.

Eug held the fort at home, while I went to the hospital with Noah to get his lump checked out. All the while I'm praying for it to be nothing. We get an X-ray. I have to leave Noah alone because Tiny Blob can't have radiation just yet. Hushed voices and the request that we stay a little while longer. Trying to keep Noah happy with looking at the fish tank. More praying. I can't help thinking, "He's not allowed to need a biopsy, Anna and Lia will never make plans to see us again!!" But really I'm thinking, he's got to be fine. An awkward ultrasound.

Two hours later, the radiologist says he just has a deformed rib that apparently we never noticed before. Relief. Thank you God. We leave the hospital and I tell Noah he'll see daddy in a second. And back to selling the car. And bagging stuff. But not solving the world's problems.

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EC said...

Thank the Lord Noah is fine! Life's little lumps get ironed out. :)