Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Noah's first visit to the Penguins

Thanks to the fact that we don't have real jobs, we're able to do fun stuff on Fridays. This past Friday was Noah's first time meeting the penguins. 
It's windy here...

They don't let you roam around with the penguins anymore (there are paths), but Noah could still see them. He called them ducks. Which made us doubt whether we could have just gone to the nearest park.

Back at home, Noah has dibs on all the best food in our house. Including grapes, which are ripening fast on my dad's vine. He promises to get a cutting for me this coming winter! This picture also hints at the changes that have been taking place in our kitchen. I'll share a lot more pictures soon. There's a lot to do, but given we're doing things ourselves, and on the cheap, we're in a really good place.

And in other news, the sourdough has gotten it's groove back. The secret seems to be: don't leave it to rise too long (10 hours is plenty here in summer) and use 1.5 cups, instead of 1 cup, of starter.  This is 50% whole wheat; I really like that it doesn't seem crumbly or gritty. 


Anonymous said...

I finally caught up on this years entries. Lovely photos! Look forward to hearing more about blob #2. :P. -marisa

Darren said...

Glad to see you guys doing so well. Meant to comment earlier. Keep up the writing Jo.

Darren and Carla

Concrete Gardener said...

Darren- can Eug and I read your blog? and could I add it to the blogroll? No pressure.

Danny said...

Penguins are pretty awesome... when we went to the aquarium Harvey would've been happy just to stand and look at them the whole time. I'll let him know that Noah gets to visit them on the beach now!