Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've Updated the "If You're New" Page

Hi everyone, 

Please consider checking out the "If You're New" Page, freshly updated (and copied below for your convenience).

Now that Eug and I have actually managed to quit our jobs, move to Cape Town, pay off our student loan and consumer debt, and live in a house that is paid for (three big goals we've been working towards since I started the blog), it seemed like a good time to rethink how to make the blog, and our story, helpful and interesting to readers. 

Thank you very much for reading, and may 2012 be a great year. 

I started Concrete Gardener when my husband Eug and I were living in a tiny apartment in Watertown, just outside Boston. I was interested in exploring social responsibility in the U.S. context. That is, if we have so much, how do we:

  1. Enjoy what we have.
  2. Not take more than we need.
  3. Use what we have really well.
I'm still interested in those things, though our location has changed and many of Eug and my dreams around working less and doing more have come true. After working in a state government Refugee Health program for several years, I'm now telecommuting part time, doing a PhD, and helping to take care of our son Noah. Eug runs his own Graphic Design business, and also works from home while helping to take care of Noah.

I'm South African, and after 12 years away, Eug, our son Noah, and I moved to South Africa at the beginning of 2012.

My dream for the blog this year is to speak to people in my life stage- those in their 20s and 30s who are figuring out how to live "well." I'd love living well to include making space for others- whether they be workers in China who make my Apple products, or neighbors, or family.

I've been humbled to find that the questions are totally different here in South Africa- not only because of economic inequality, but also because work culture, shops, public transportation, the second hand market, and recycling are all so different. So the blog is not "how to" do frugality, simplicity, or minimalism. It's just a story of our family and things we're trying out. I hope it'll be helpful to you.

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As a side project, Eug and I are really interested in sharing the stories of entrepreneurs through Conferre, though we're envisioning a simple blog format in future. 

If you're interested in getting in touch, I'd love to hear from you, either through the Facebook page or by e-mail at . 

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