Monday, February 6, 2012


Some totally irrelevant photos will be included as proof that we have internet. And I'll take photos of our new geyser as soon as I can. 
This is to show the "before" photo of a chair and desk we bought in Salt River.
I knew we'd been a bit grumpy and down when I got the first comment I've ever received around complaining. We HAVE been grumpy. Sorry. Immigrating is hard, and it's no reflection on South Africa- South Africa is awesome- like the U.S. it has its quirks- but that's not the sum total of anything.

We've been praying for our house and for the things that had us down, and others have also been praying for us. I'm really encouraged, not just by actual concrete changes, but also by a sense that we are supported in supernatural (and natural) ways. We had a massive ant infestation that seems to be easing up. It's the little things...

Noah helps with painting, but he has to be naked for his craft to show through. (Don't worry, not the real paint).
First: Our solar geyser installation was completed. We knew our steep roof with old clay tiles and shared wall made installation difficult, but our neighbors graciously allowed the installation from their property with no complaints, and the process is (almost) complete. After a day like today, the water is almost boiling- the geyser will likely not use any electricity during the summer months. We're one of the only houses on our street with a North facing roof.

I'm hoping that, conservatively, the geyser will pay for itself in about 4 years. [On the one hand, we don't spend nearly as much on electricity as the average home (R300 vs. R1000); but on the other, the only other major energy cost in our household is the stove.]

Second: Just as the solar installers were leaving, two teenagers came and asked if we'd like new CFLs. CFLs, really? From Eskom (the national energy provider), for free. They changed out our bulbs for us. It was a small thing, but it felt like grace. We've been meaning to change out the bulbs but it's hard to throw away working bulbs, you know? Apparently they're recycling the old bulbs and helping people with the transition to CFLs.

Third: After phoning Telkom at least a few times a week for over a month, as of 4pm we had the line we needed to get internet. MWEB helped us the rest of the way. VICTORY!

Noah sits on daddy's head whenever he can. 


emily said...

Aw, Jo, I'm so sorry you got a complaint about complaining! Maybe it's not useful coming from someone who does their fair share of complaining, but I really really empathize. Immigrating is soooo hard, yes it is! Just being out of a routine is so hard. And when you want life to come together just so to accomplish a very philosophical sort of way of living, eschewing many conveniences most take for granted, it can be doubly so. So there, for what it's worth, I feel you!

Concrete Gardener said...

You've done it, so that's encouraging on it's own! Thanks Em.