Thursday, March 18, 2010

How I Fell in Love with a Fish

I loved this talk by Dan Barber, about a fish farm in Spain where low-intensity (sustainable) farming means high taste, high quality fish. I'm not a huge fish person, but this video made me want to become one.

I'm also not someone who has very refined taste buds. My tastebuds have been thoroughly geared towards loving sugar and fat-- the more the better-- whether the quality is good or not. I'm trying to retrain myself and develop that sense of what "good" food tastes like. And I'm learning that a strawberry is not a strawberry is not a ...

Even though I can't totally relate, this kind of talk (and Dan's writing) is helping me get closer towards eating really well. I started out on this path because of indignation at industrial farming and the unsustainable practices involved (and it's just fun and empowering to know where your food came from), and am only now coming to enjoy the actual experience of a good strawberry, rasberry, or carrot.

Check out this Q&A with Mr Barber, where he answers the question of whether the food he's talking about can feed the world.

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