Friday, March 12, 2010

Jamie Oliver on TED

I came across this TED talk recently. It's clear that Jamie Oliver is doing far more than anyone expects of him, and I found that inspiring from a professional perspective.

Our friends commented that it's important to "pick our battles" when it comes to food, and that also resonated with me as a possible application to this video. I'm convinced that, when it comes to being healthy for the long haul, I have to tread slowly and carefully towards better, healthy food (and cooking prep that doesn't leave me or Eug feeling overwhelmed). Switching to mainly brown rice and barley (from white jasmine rice) took about a year. Eating more vegetables took our Community Supported Agriculture Share. I eat far less bread when I'm in the U.S. (as compared to in South Africa), but the bread is made in the bread machine, usually from white bread flour. Our grocery bill has crept up a little, but we eat out far less when we know what's available at home.

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