Wednesday, March 3, 2010

K'Naan and The World Cup

Jo Hunter Adams

We're still shuffling through the papers and other stuff in our flat, and I'm finding that just moving things around gradually helps eliminate some of the excess. I've never been so excited for recycling day (tomorrow is recycling for the Green Bins!); the recycling truck will never forget us...

These days it's also hitting me that I won't be home for the World Cup. Beyond that tinge of sadness, I'm hugely excited and proud that the World Cup is happening in South Africa. I wanted to put in a plug for K'Naan's World Cup Theme Song:

Imagine, during the World Cup, everyone is going to be listening to this song, listening to a Somali-- a Somali-Canadian refugee-- and enjoying the music. I wonder if, for a few weeks, the world can see K'Naan and think of Somalia? Somalia cannot be reduced to one western feel-good song, but maybe there's something to be said for one person, speaking in an international language, representing a new way, and helping us see something we couldn't see before. Here's to that hope!

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