Friday, March 19, 2010

Real Food Challenge

Check out this CNN article about blogger Jennifer McGruther's Real Food Challenge. In it, she challenged her readers to eat "real" food for a month.

What do you think about her idea that "Real Food never comes from a box"? I'm challenged by it, but I'm not (even close) to eschewing boxed food. I'm also not totally sure that real food can't be packaged, especially in a city that has four seasons. Am I assuming that the system has to be the way it is? I mean, if we didn't have to work so hard then I think we could preserve and store food for the winter. But making pasta seems like a fun occasional thing not a frequent survival kindof thing.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I'm really into the ideas of gradual, small changes, and also of diminishing returns. The two both come into play in deciding how to eat, and how much effort to put into figuring out what to eat. So, if it's a little better for you but takes a long time, try to find something that has better returns or that you'd actually do without feeling desperately tired. I would love to know where all my food comes from, and that it's all good stuff. I'm just lazy.

But, talk to me when I'm not 33.5 weeks pregnant, maybe I'll be more amenable to grinding oats.

These were The Daily Challenges:
Ditch processed, packaged, refined foods.
Choose wholesome, natural foods.
Improve your grains.
Start your sourdough.
Sprout your grains.
Mill your own sprouted flour or make wet-milled sprouted grain bread.
Relax and evaluate.
Fats for moderate and high heat.
Fight against GMOs.
Fats to eat raw.
Bake your sourdough.
Find real milk.
Get your (good) bacteria.
Relax, evaluate and eat some dark chocolate.
What’s a SCOBY?
Get cultured (veggies, that is).
Make yogurt at home.
Make cheese at home.
Prepare nuts and seeds properly.
Maximize the value of beans and legumes.
Vegetables and salads and another reason to eat your fats.
Why you should eat red meat.
Eat your bacon, eggs and lard too.
Homemade broth and stock.
Not-so-awful Offal.
Fish and seafood.
Grow your foodshed.
Beyond the challenge.

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Connie said...

they had a special on "orthorexia" (eating disorder with excessive focus on eating healthy foods) on one of the early morning shows today- I somehow wasn't surprised -- there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.