Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leap Of Faith (that, and Ikea)

Jo Hunter Adams

It's Lent on the western Christian calendar, and at our church we do something together called Leap of Faith (previously known as the 40 Days of Faith). It's a great season, where we ask God for or about things that we really care about, for ourselves, those in our immediate (day-to-day) circle, and our church.

I mentioned earlier that I was thinking about heading back into my news fast--or some version thereof--in honour of this season. I decided not to, after all. The News Fast seemed to be about disconnecting from useless stuff (in a fairly strict way), whereas I felt like this lent will be about connecting to people in a meaningful way. So, hopefully you'll hear more from me (by phone, e-mail or in person) the next few weeks!

We're also gearing up to welcome the little blob into our home (he's getting pretty big) in early May. Although I'm totally sold on frugality and simplicity, it seemed like a great time to go big on our apartment. Our flat is small (even for two people), but we're hoping to stay there for a little while longer after the baby arrives. Hence a trip to IKEA. Our apartment is halfway to being a totally new place (stay tuned). I'm pretty excited. For the first time, we have seating for more than one person (yeah!), and an office area of the living room.

I realized that 1) my standard of living is hugely subjective, that 2) for about $400, ours just went up a ton, to the point where I feel like we're all going to have enough space and 3) The cost of furniture is completely worth it when set against the expense of moving even one month earlier than we "need" to. Pictures will be forthcoming.... If you're in Boston, invite yourselves over!

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Danny said...

IKEA furniture is totally awesome. It's so much fun finding out how much more use you can get out of a small space! Visiting the store is positively inspiring, and that's coming from someone who generally can't stand retail establishments.

Also, I didn't know you were blogging! We'll be reading regularly from now on. :D