Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Noah's Adventures in Cape Town

First, one last picture from our travels:
Noah really liked Buzz Lightyear- he has Buzz on some shoes that he was given as a gift, and recognized it as the same person (ash, advertising). He came to the gift shop on the ship every day to look longingly at him.
The past three weeks have been spent at my parents' house, and I can better understand the argument for multi-generational family homes. My parents' have been an incredible help with Noah, and it will be very strange to be in our own house again. Noah is completely entertained by their two dogs, as well as the various fruit trees (all the trees are packed into a very, very small space- many in pots), vegetables, and Noah's very own (shared with Ethan, his cousin) sandpit.

My parents' dogs have sleeping cages by the their bed, which Noah thinks are absolutely the most awesome places to play.

I'm late in the game and thought I was just totally missing something as a mom, but it turns out kids really do like to play with boxes. The key is the door and the windows (thanks Mom and Angie- invaluable advice) 

And finally, about an hour of Noah's day, every day, is spent watering the vegetables, picking and eating tomatoes and strawberries and plums, and generally following my dad around. 

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