Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Starting Over In Obs

This post is especially for Capetonians (and even more especially for those of you in Obs or nearby).

We really wanted furnishing/equipping our house to be fun and unexpected, rather than strategic and based on our design preferences. Though I suppose it'll be both since we're hoping to fix things up where possible- either by painting or staining. So we're writing a letter to our neighbors (currently strangers) and asking for second-hand stuff to help us get started. We wanted to ask friends, also. We're very happy to buy from you, and we promise that whatever resources we save will be put to really good use elsewhere. That's a bit vague, but we'll take the responsibility seriously.

We're only moving into our place in early January, and we're in Plumstead until then. We have access to a car now, but we'll likely have less access in January.

So here's our list- we'd love recommendations on second hand/pawn shops in Cape Town, also.
We know some things are a long shot, so we don’t have any expectations. Without further ado, Here’s the list.


Jeff said... is an option to try.

Concrete Gardener said...

Awesome! Thanks Jeff

Linda said...

Great idea, happy to help out Jo :) My mom has some bathroom blinds they've taken down, but they're plastic "blade" type blinds, not wooden... but you can use the frame maybe?