Monday, December 12, 2011

Tips on Extended [Hippy] Travel with a Baby

We recently finished 6 weeks of traveling, and are now still living out of suitcases at my parents' place as we wait for our tenants to leave our house. Here are some things that were useful to us while we traveled:
  1. Clothes that you don't need to wash often (we used Icebreaker). You'll have plenty of washing with just your son's washing. Take some laundry detergent with you. 
  2. G-Diapers turned out to be a great option for travel- we started with some disposable inserts but much of the time we just had 12 hemp inserts.
  3. Don't take a car seat unless you really have to. If you really have to (we did), consider travel if you buy a car seat- that is, don't get a huge one. The car seat made lugging our stuff around much, much more difficult.
  4. Klean Kanteens (or any water bottles) are great. Having water at all times is a huge plus if you're traveling. 
  5. Travel while you're still breastfeeding makes the issue of thinking about milk much, much easier. We largely didn't give Noah milk during our travels, but we were able to find whole, plain yoghurt and cheese to take care of his needs.
  6. Toys. I'm not sure we knew what we were doing here. But the only "toy" that was really used during travel was a set of markers and small notepad. He got really into some lightweight books we were carrying, and we wondered why we were lugging around the heavy board books.
  7. Our computers were very light, and we had small external hard drives as backup, should we need them.
  8. All our important documents were in one small accordion folder- since we were moving we were traveling with our marriage certificate, birth certificates, passports, medical records etc. We had scans of everything in case anything happened. 
  9. Even if you're all the way to not needing a stroller in the real world, having a stroller during long-term travel is very, very useful. There's a lot of walking and if you're ever with other people, your pace and nap times are not always consistent. 

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