Monday, March 5, 2012

Fridays Out, and Our First Trip

Before getting the car this weekend, we'd borrow my parent's car every Friday (or take the train to the aquarium) and go exciting places. A little while ago we went to Snoekies, a famous old fish and chips shop in Hout Bay (Which has since opened branches other places). 

We spent this past Friday looking for a car, and then on Saturday, finding ourselves new car owners, we took our first trip. Who would have thought that 15 minutes drive from our house, we get this:

We basically just drove a few minutes North, first on the M5 then on the M27. When the M27 seemed close to the beach, we found an inlet to park, and discovered that we were in Milnerton. Noah loved it, and it's close enough that we didn't need to do tons of prep to get out of the house (we just stayed for an hour or so)

The MyCity Bus does go to Milnerton, so there's hope that in a few years, it'll be practical and accessible to take a trip without the car. 

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