Tuesday, March 6, 2012

South African Beef Stew

Ok, so not super South African, but for the cut of meat. But I'll market it as South African! Actually, the really South African version needs to be cooked over a fire, but I just cooked mine on our stove.

Potatoes, an onion tomatoes, carrots, potjiekos (stew) meat, some water; curry powder, ginger powder, rosemary, and a stock cube or two. It's a good idea to start the meat first, and cook it for a while. I kept the stew on the stove for about 2 hours on low-medium heat, and I think it got much better in the hour after.

It's a really simple comfort food, and I'm looking forward to enjoying it in winter. I'm surprised by how much you can just follow your sense of taste, rather than focus on a recipe. Just try the ingredients you have on hand (root vegetables are good), and have some stew meat in the fridge or freezer.

Good with a bit of sourdough bread

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