Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Parenting is Going Well

My dissertation proposal is due in less than a week, yet our times with Noah have been extraordinarily good the last few days.

There have been occasional tantrums, but in the past week, Noah's been to the beach 3 times, he's visited the aquarium, visited horses twice, finger painted pretty much all our scrap wood, been to the beautiful Kirstenbosch gardens, spent time with his cousins, and swum in his aunt and uncle's pool. All of which he seemed to really, really enjoy. On Sunday, we were given a surprise baby shower, attended by our four friends, family, as well as people we didn't even know up to that point- how amazing is that? We left equipped with clothes, wipes, old towels, even a chest of drawers and a wicker basket.

Today, Noah collapsed into a two hour nap (where he had to be held by me). And I wanted to celebrate the fact that our family is hugely blessed to have so much freedom and so many extraordinary experiences, even in the midst of busy times.

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