Monday, March 26, 2012

A Remarkable Package

On Friday Eug and I picked up an amazing package from the post office. It made me so excited I wanted to take some photos of the unveiling.  That, and much of the gifts were up cycled, homemade, or otherwise awesome. Thank you, Stevens and Archibalds!

Baby Adams is going to have Very Good Looking Feet.

I've been dragging my minimalist feet on buying soap (though we really need it) for about 2 weeks, because I couldn't decide on what type of soap to get. Then 3 bars came from heaven (the Archibald kitchen)

Baby's got a rabbit. His first car seat toy.

New G-Diapers! woohoo!

Original Art

Noah likes the box.

And his little chick.
While I was photographing, I wanted to take a picture of these incredible shoes, made by my sister Gytha. I love them.

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