Friday, March 2, 2012

The Struggle to Fit in and the Struggle to Get Out

We bought a car (I think). It was the first car we saw. Which is probably ill-advised, but it felt like it was a gift from God, which was all we needed to move (we also test-drove it). I will let you know if the sale goes through this morning. Thanks to everyone (Mom, dad, siblings) who helped us in our carless times, and also readers that helped us make the psychological transition to try out life with a car for a bit.

I watched this video on a day when my free time was spent reading about unschooling, and the contrast was striking. I am thinking about how one reconciles the world of struggling to "succeed" and "make life work" on the world's terms, then the subsequent struggle to disengage from those same terms. I don't have any great insights, but I'd love yours!

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