Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My friend Connie mentioned that in her work on interfaith conversations one Imam said that he had learned from Christians to pray at all times- that God is accessible always.

I'm learning from Muslims the sacredness of setting aside specific times of day to check in and recognize where we are in relation to God.

Every day I'm at home, I hear the call to prayer from two different mosques. In a previous life I would have found it annoying or threatening, but I've come to really enjoy these markers of my day and night. I've been using them as an opportunity to thank God for my life. When I'm away from home, I find myself instinctively praying at 1pm, with the music of the call to prayer in my head.

I'm in a time of low inspiration when it comes to sharing authentically about our life choices, so while this is not a Christian-themed blog, I'm hoping it is not threatening to share a moment of gratitude with you today (feel free to join me). I'm thankful

  • for Noah being able to know and love his great-grandparents, and the way he demonstrates totally unconditional love and admiration for them.
  • for sunlight in our little back area, after my dad cut down many branches of our oversized tree. The prospect of fruit trees and quail in a tiny, tiny space.
  • for sunlight in general, after a couple of weeks with a lot of rain.
  • Our beautiful fireplace, which works perfectly and warms up the whole living room.
  • That Eli started to kick around, and that he's growing well, that I don't have to worry about milk supply.
  • That my PhD funding is sufficient to support us, and that it gives me so much freedom to spend my days any way I like.
  • That July marks the beginning of two months of visitors.
  • Prayers at the beginning of each day being answered-even if only in knowing that God is present and giving us grace through our day.
Let me know if there are ways I can remember you in prayer, whether you're a praying type or not. You can reach me through Facebook or through 

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