Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Links

Daniel Suelo quit money twelve years ago. I read his monthly posts, and wanted to introduce him to you through this interview. I am not sure how his story translates in our lives now. In Boston, I started to dumpster dive for food after reading his story.

Eug and I are gradually, with a lot of ups and downs, learning to give more aggressively and not do anything purely for money, because we're trying to follow Jesus. The Lazarus at the Gate course in Boston was a great way to have a place to talk to others about it. On the subject of dumpster diving: I noticed Fruit and Veg City in Roeland street clearing a lot of slightly-old produce from their shelves, and I wanted to ask what they did with it (there are many people living on the street and even in the parking lot), but I wasn't brave enough. I wondered if the some of the vegetables were discarded because they need to be cooked before being eaten, and the people on the street mainly ate the leftover foods that didn't need cooking. At Oude Moulen ecovillage in Pinelands, I did ask, and was told that some people from the village help clean up the cafe at the end of the day, and they eat whatever produce is left over.  Not as much food is wasted here.

Noah got this super-cool outfit from new friends at church. We felt really blessed.
I learned yesterday that lye comes from ashes! Who would have known! I saw this very simple tutorial on making backwoods old-school soap, and I'd love to try, since we're producing a lot of ashes at the moment. Does anyone in Cape Town have a very old large pot they'd be willing to give up? We could exchange for soap!

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