Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Short Photo Update

Sadly our iPhoto library is still lost, and I am incapable of thinking through making a new one. When we were getting rid of all our stuff and scanning all our files, having that external hard drive gave me a huge sense of security and grounding. Even though we were saying goodbye to many physical reminders of our lives up to that point, there was evidence of those things in the forms of photos and so on.

It was actually not that hard to lose the hard drive. It was much harder for Eug from a technical standpoint: how could this happen, how could we not have a backup? Perhaps it was not hard for me because the present is so all-consuming. 

He's really cute and fat, I promise. 
But Eli is doing well, Noah is doing relatively well. I alternate between thinking Noah's the most wonderful thing since chocolate and having absolutely no idea how to understand and process his fiery emotions. I was reminded that when I was two, I thought my parents buried our dog alive and nothing could convince me otherwise. Even at fourteen, by which time I could rationally conclude my parents wouldn't bury our dog alive, the memory remained so powerful that I couldn't quite let it go. With that in mind, I try to take Noah's point of view seriously, however outlandish it seems.

Like Noah, Eli came out small-average and is quickly becoming huge from my resorting to breastfeeding pretty much any time I'm not sure what else to do. Breastfeeding covers over almost everything.


EC said...
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EC said...

Sorry to hear about your lost photos. :( Hopefully they're there in the universe somewhere.
Eli looks so cute! Can't wait to see him.

leah said...

What about techfusion, "where data is never lost"? Do you still have the hard drive, if an engineer could take it apart and get something from it?

Concrete Gardener said...

There is hope as far as backup goes, but the actual hard-drive may be dead, from Eug's attempts. We might ask my brother (engineer) to look at it later on.