Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Blog Joins the Blogroll

I was feeding Eli late on Saturday night and had trouble getting him back to sleep, so I found myself at Tamara Out Loud, one of my favorite faith-ish blogs.

It felt like particular grace that the guest author was a coworker from my work in Boston- though she worked at a different campus - who I had opportunity to cross paths with a few times. She was a colleague you don't forget- passionate and affirming, wise without being condescending.

I wished we worked more closely together as there was so much I could learn from her as  a Public Health person (I still don't know what to call us), as someone who has lived around the world, and as someone who has raised five children. But I changed positions from coordinating a program (where I had a lot of contact with many people) to coordinating a research study (which was a very new thing at my work, so didn't lend itself to as much collaboration), and then I moved to South Africa. So I am so grateful to have a second chance to learn from her, through Communicating Across Boundaries.

In short, I'm a huge fan and was so excited to introduce her blog to you, particularly if you're in Boston or navigating multiple cultures. Check out the new addition on the right!

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Marilyn said...

Jo - I am so honored that you posted about Communicating Across Boundaries - Thank you. I have a million questions I want to ask you but am preparing for an out of town trip so will try to write from the airport. You have a beautiful family and I your heart that comes through in your beautiful writing. I know that's a lot of beautifuls but there you go...