Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Much Longer Photo Update

I've been thinking about tone during my break from posting: how to avoid making it sound like our lives are perfect, and how to avoid sounding like we're wallowing without making progress. I may be especially guilty of comparing and trying to measure up to people in blogs I read, but to the extent that there might be a few people who actually try the things we do, I want to figure out that balance. Until I figure that out, here are pictures that hopefully are a good representation.

Since Eli was born,
We still go to the aquarium pretty often.

I still make sourdough, though it now takes 16 hours to rise (with the winter), which is actually better. I want to branch out, but I'm going to stick with the tried and true sourdough until Eli is a little older.

We don't have nearly as many pictures of Eli as we did of Noah, and for some reason we struggle to take good pics of him.

We celebrated Noah's birthday at my brother and sister-in-law's house. We said no gifts, but Noah got this incredible train anyway.

I love their living room and the beautiful fireplace.

Cousin Ethan is also expecting a new brother. He's practicing on this doll.

This is how we multitask. Poor Eli.

He's not actually going to school or anything. Just wanted to wear the bag.

This is how crammed we were before the sofa. Yay for the sofa!

Mornings consist of orange and grapefruit juice and Kipper  on Youtube with daddy before I come downstairs with Eli. Kipper keeps Eug sane, so I now love Kipper. When Noah wakes up in the morning, he says "Down, daddy, arroorororo (Paroro, his word for cartoon, because his first exposure to video was the Korean Paroro) rusk"

This is our beautiful fireplace- it makes our living room feel like home.

I started pumping 1 bottle/day two days ago, because apparently babies need to get used to bottles around 6 weeks or they may reject them totally. Eli is ambivalent, but willing to try. 

Noah loves the new couch so much he pretends to go to sleep on it.

The bathroom floor is almost complete after the long wait for the cement. Eug keeps having to do extra adjustments, so it's a lesson for us in DIY and patience.

Runaway capitalism: we bought a soda stream to celebrate buying our sofa. No, really it was a planned purchase since Noah associates daddy with coke, Eug wanted to try something more natural- we won't' use the syrups.


Danny said...

Nice pictures! Noah looks so different--grown up!--with his hair cut!

Bridggymama said...

ohmygosh!!! Noah is soooo big!!! That baby is sooooo adorable!! ha ha. Love love the pics of you guys. Also the floor looks really cool. ;) Such sweet glimpses into life.

EC said...

Noah looks all grown up on the toilet! :)

Vanessa said...

Love the pictures! Such lovely family life. How do you guys like the soda stream? We have one too, which we use with and without syrup. Also, I have recently started making my own water kefir, have you tried that yet? I'm pretty in love with it at the moment and couldn't help but think of you guys. These little bacteria (that are reusable and multiply) create a carbonated beverage out of sugar water and a few raisins. :) Delicious!

Darren B said...

You guys look pretty awesome and wonderful to me!

I so much enjoy your pictures and want to sit on your couch.

Keep sharing! Either in Word or Picture!