Saturday, November 27, 2010

The 100-mile Diet

A while ago I read about the 100-mile diet, where a couple went a year only eating food grown within 100 miles. As we enter winter (and things get more and more rooty here in Northeast America), I'm interested to hear what you think about eating only locally. I find the idea of "food miles" really helpful-- the number of miles a food needs to travel to get to my plate-- particularly when thinking about processed food, where each ingredient has to be shipped cross-country to be assembled and only then shipped to the local grocery. I feel good about eating when I'm able to eat with fewer ingredients, and our CSA and my cheapness help achieve fewer food miles to a limited extent in our household. That said, eating local in Boston in winter is HARD. Are food miles something you think about? How? What's been useful to you in trying to limit the miles your food travels to your plate (and don't say moving to a tropical climate... I'm so with you on that already...)?

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