Monday, November 22, 2010

No More Paper Towels

About a year ago we ran out of paper towels and stopped buying new ones.  At first, this wasn’t exactly hygienic, because I just had a few rags and no system for cleaning them.  Since then, we have a much better system, which I share for those of you who are thinking of forgoing paper towels but who don't have a sewing machine:

We use old T-Shirts.  I tear t-shirts up to rag size pieces-- tearing is important because you don’t get any fraying, which you do when you use scissors.
And a basket to put all the clean rags in
And a small section of floor in the bathroom to put the dirty rags (probably it would be better if we had some kind of container)
We use the same rag for about a day on the counter, and one on the floor.  They rotate regularly.
I wash them all about once a week, together with the mop end thingy.

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