Friday, November 19, 2010

What do you do with your Baby Clothes?

Noah has been growing out of his clothes really quickly, and I'm not sure of the best thing to do with the clothes he grows out of. What do you do? Do you store them, in case you have another baby? If so, how? Or do you sell/give them away- and what's worked best?


leah said...

I keep a big plastic bin next to Harvey's clothes closet. Once something is too small I throw it in the bin, until the bin gets filled up, then I throw the bin in the basement. With baby #2 on the way I took all the clothes out of their bins and sorted them into XLarge ziplock bags labeled with size on them. I only allowed myself one XLarge bag per size, and got rid of the extras. I think that's a sane system that means it's not too much work for you to do the storing until it comes time to think about what you need for the next one. The sad truth is that most people only get one baby shower per lifetime, so most of the baby clothes you'll ever get will arrive with that first baby. Unless you get a girl, then everyone can't stop buying you dresses I'm told.

Concrete Gardener said...

crazy talk on my part, huh :)

I think what I'm not quite sure of is how many clothes a baby needs at each size-- it felt like Mr Noah (born in summer) didn't wear much. Do you have insights-- about a ziploc full? six shirts, four pants, a couple jerseys (I'm just throwing out random numbers here)

So I don't want to keep more than I need. It also seems like an act of faith to expect a second baby-- so for me it's balancing having extra stuff in our lives right now (and moving it to another house or even another country), with that hope.

But I like the plastic bin idea. And the ziploc idea. It seems very doable and systematic-- and you know how much I like systems :)