Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rhythm of Life with a Six-Month Old

Heading back to work after having Noah has given life an intense rhythm. The important part of that sentence having Noah has given life that rhythm.

I love the predictability of The Schedule and The Menu, and the feeling I get when we break free and do things a little differently. I’ve rediscovered how much I’m like Noah: the predictability of routines gives me the courage to try new things, knowing I can come back to what I know if it gets to be too much. Maybe the routine is for me. For the most part, I’ve had Fridays off (that’s set to change as I’ve run out of leave), and I find myself just reveling in being able to spend time with Noah. I can look forward to the guilty pleasure of rocking him to sleep while I watch Grey’s Anatomy (why are there no old doctors on that show?), the pleasure of catching up on laundry and playing ridiculous games (pile the laundry on the baby!). And I’m super grateful.

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