Saturday, November 20, 2010

On Whipped Butter, and some links

A little whipped butter

Does anyone use whipped butter for bread or cooking(can’t use it for baking)? Add some milk to some butter (around 1 tbsp per stick/1/4 cup), blend/mix it up and your butter is soft for spreading. It’s great for extending your butter and not trying to spread the unspreadable.

A couple of links from this weeks surfing:

Man vs. Debt discussed couples finances this week. As I’ve mentioned on this blog, Eug and i combine finances but leave a little space for spending differences by each having a small personal spending account. Any thoughts?

Has anyone tried going without shampoo? I’m embarking on the journey, but I’m nervous about the transition period where my hair will be greasy, so I’m taking it slow.  Today was day one with Baking Soda.  I’ll give an update in a few weeks.


leah said...

I do no-poo for cheapness. I use baking soda + water for the shampoo, and apple cider vinegar + water for conditioner. I think it does it's job of getting hair clean and de-tangled, but other than that it's no magic concoction. Regular shampoo smells much better; this is much cheaper.

Concrete Gardener said...

cool! your hair looks great! i tried it a while ago but it fizzled because i didn't have a good way to get the baking soda+water into my hair. and my hair smelled weird after the ac vinegar. I now have, thanks to noah"s birth, a spritz bottle that works pretty well.

Bridggymama said...

I also do what leah does and when I remember I use a boars hair brush to redistribute the oils naturally which only works b/w washing as it doesn't have the sort of detangling bristles that a regular brush does.

Concrete Gardener said...

wait, so it turns out noone in our small group uses shampoo (except me, until last Saturday)? Strange times.

I have this brush that might be boars hair or something. It looks very bristly. I might get your opinion on it.