Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 1 with Eli

Once again I'm really grateful to God for a healthy birth.

Mr Eli at 5am.
Two years ago I gave birth to Noah in Boston; while I was cared for by midwives I ultimately gave birth at Mt Auburn hospital- you can read about it here. It's fairly rare to give birth at home in Massachusetts, though one of our friends has done it twice.

Not having a point of comparison, I was pretty uncritical of the experience, but looking back it was mainly a test of pain endurance- lying down in a hospital bed to give birth with 6 people yelling at me to push was torture in comparison  to today's experience. Unmedicated birth is no walk in the park either way, but it doesn't need to be as terrifying and painful as it was that day- with alarms, monitoring and the like. The difference was less in the level of pain, but in the level of control: I didn't have to ask anyone when to push and when not to, worry about when I'd get my baby back, or whether I'd be forced to leave before lunch (or forced to stay, as the case may be). I also knew my bill beforehand this time around.

Anyway, so that's my plug for giving birth at home (with backup), for uncomplicated pregnancies.

This isn't turning into a very fun read, sorry! The short version: birth was painful but wonderful (I never thought I'd say such a thing). My midwife, and the midwife who came to assist, were amazing- I feel hugely blessed to have had them assist. If I think of better insights, maybe I'll try to write again?

Day 1 with Eli (Too much information included below):

  • I'm able to walk- thank you God. No stitches, after a million the first time.
  • I'm peeing in the bathtub, because making it up and down the stairs is still a little too much. I have to be extra quick crouching down, because there's a window in an unfortunate place and our street is pretty busy. The first day after giving birth is not super fun, but then it doesn't need to be.
  • Second time around breastfeeding is a lot easier. Less self doubt. Maybe that's like a lot of things in life?
  • Eli fell asleep during his first poop. Apparently I am crazy enough to catch his first poop in the potty- he was simultaneously enraged at the feeling of pooping and tired out by it. Second poop, size of a tiny grape, same thing. Life is hard when you're new to it.
  • He's been awake for pretty large segments of the day, so I'm hoping that means he'll sleep tonight.
  • Noah is super, super excited. He is pretty convinced he is personally responsible for Eli. 
  • We're so grateful for everyone's love and support. We don't feel responsible for any of it. 
Photos to follow!

With love.


Darren B said...

Absolutely Awesome. Congratulations!

Welcome and Happy Birthday Eli!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This is so awesome jo! So good to hear that both of you are doing well. Happy very first Birthday precious Eli! (LOVE his name too, btw). Thinking of you guys, Jenny Tak (Kim)

ems said...

So funny some of the things that seem to be common to post-birth. I remember being too tired to walk to the back of the house where the toilie was and so... the bathtub. Hee hee. More xs os!