Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life on the Wild Side

I'm sortof joking because we're not terribly wild characters, but I think our lives are nevertheless wild and full of adventures. Here's what's been happening the last couple of days:
Noah believes that if he can't see us, we can't see him. This is him playing hide and seek in his Pooh Gown. 
He Reveals his whereabouts. Who would have known?
Strawberry plants from my dad. I put them in self-watering soda bottles, and I'll hang them next to the others. I'm fairly obsessed with self-watering soda bottles at the moment: you can pick up bottles on the street, they are quite protected against pests, and it's almost infinitely scalable in a country with burglar guards. My resolve only strengthened when this week, an unknown creature dug up all my swisschard, which has been growing in tires. My gardening goal is now to have small-medium plants in self-watering containers, medium-large plants and fruit bearing shrubs in tires or stacked tires, and decorative plants (herbs like lavender) in concrete pots that we started making when there was occasionally concrete left over at the end of a day's work on the bathroom. I like the idea of container gardening using patterns to create a beautiful space- especially in our front area, since our street can be a somewhat depressing place without any signs of green life.
We've been investing in a collection of metal buckets. Noah has found one is big enough to bath in, or clean his bum in, in this case.  

And the bathroom update:

This is the shower before waterproofing etc. The pipes are all complete and plywood boards (waterproofed on the other side already) are Eug's choice for creating a flat surface for the tiles. Eug laid cement and installed the drain. We're going for a simple wet bathroom, so the floor needs to slope slightly towards the drain. 
You can see the stair boards above the shower. A lot of choices around fixing up such an old house revolve around the best ways to waterproof. 
Part of the floor has cement already. Eug installed new pipes behind the toilet and again, included a plywood board to create a space between the brick and the tiles. 
These are the floor tiles and associated gear. They're rust-colored stone tiles
These are the wall tiles, currently in our living room. They're really big. Unfortunately cement needs about 28 days to dry properly, so it'll be a while before tiling. Another thing that's new to us is that we can't leave Noah's car seat in our car when we're parked on the street. It's a minor inconvenience, but the car seat is always in our living room. We have to think of some kind of easy storage plan. 

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