Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fail Fast

Our pastor at the Vineyard in Boston sometimes shared the phrase, "Try fast, Fail fast, Try Again Fast". I'm not sure who to attribute it to, but I think it applies to our lives at the moment.

And it's good. Eug is failing with the bathroom a lot, and I'm amazed by all the progress he's making despite the pain and the mess. He's my hero. The bad news is that the concrete needs 28 days to set before he can tile. The good news is, he's very close to laying the concrete. The other good news is that we have tiles. The other other good news is that, barring tragedy, we will have a baby long before we have a bathroom (he is allowed to be born at home from today). But the take home message here is that my husband is a very gifted and persistent man- which is something many of you know already.

I'm also in the strange space of being grateful that my PhD proposal went abysmally. I am very seldom called on to show real character, and when I do have to, I often make the wrong decision- the one that is superficially "correct" or expected. This time, when faced with weeks of intense work improving the proposal before the birth of Tiny blob (who may arrive early-ish, I feel it in my bones, like every other woman), I just decided to just not  do it right now- or to do it very gradually. I feel quite free, despite having other work.

Postponing my rewrite/revisions went against my personality- my personality keeps every deadline and fulfills every expectation- but it really helped me develop character. The decision wasn't about what would be appropriate or look good for my career, it was about what I would feel good about in twenty years time.  I like the idea of failing fast, and trying again and again, until we make progress. I would like my final dissertation to be something I can "defend" proudly.

For those of you who are jealous that we are no longer washing diapers, there's a dark side: Noah's new obsession with public bathrooms. Today, we were at one of the most beautiful places in the world (pictures from a previous trip there) with my sister-in-law and nephew, and where did Noah and I spend half our time? Yes. The bathroom. Wherever we go, we find ourselves in the public bathroom, where Noah purposely just pees a little so that he can go through the ritual of flushing the toilet, washing his hands, and leaving the bathroom, only to ask to go back. Oh well.

If only I was in the bathroom...

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Darren said...

Eugene is awesome!

Love the Pictures!

Maybe the bathroom is a metaphor for life.

In life we will experience obstacles. Sometimes things take time. In plumbing as in life, sometimes the most important things lie under the walls. Occasionally you will have to tear things out, but that shouldn’t discourage you. It’s just part of the process. You might be tempted to give up. But in the end, you will have hot and cold running water with a bath. When you take that first bath, it will feel sooooo good, moreover in your future you may face other obstacles and things where you seem out of our depth and feel ill-equipped. In those moments let the call be, “Remember the bathroom!”