Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Adventures and Celebrations

Moving swiftly on from the subject of free love and communes, here's a bunch of photos.

We have a lot to celebrate: Eug finished laying the concrete, I felt excited enough to do a little on my dissertation, Tiny Blob turned, we paid our U.S. taxes (our lives are a little geographically complicated), and today I was finally able to transfer our car into our name without going into labour in the long queue. Up to now, we didn't officially own the car and the whole thing felt a little tenuous.

We've also been fighting colds this week, so almost every meal has included squeezing orange juice and somehow consuming cloves and cloves of garlic. Noah only seemed sick for about a day, I'm a little sick, and Eug is holding out. We very seldom get sick so I'm grateful this time around seems mild.

Tonight's meal, in celebration of all the great blessings, was sausage, garlic naan, and orange juice. Something in between eating out and not cooking.

This week's spinach started out bigger than Noah...
Noah is back in our bed. He thinks it's awesome here. We're not sure.

Eug fitted an old macro lens on the camera today, and the manual focus meant I could take a better-than-usual photo of the view from our bedroom. This is Devil's Peak and Table Mountain: I can never quite get over the fact that we're in a super-urban environment, yet we get to look out at this every day.

Noah sometimes baths in a bucket several times a day, if we're home. 
Unsure of a better Friday adventure, we went to our old haunt: the aquarium.

It was good to return home. Noah and I haven't been home much the last couple of weeks, mainly because the house is very messy and chaotic at the moment, and if Eug is working on laying concrete, I usually can't keep Noah away from the action. It's been really good to stay home and let Noah play again, despite the chaos.
And sourdough garlic naan: Great comfort food if you're fighting illness. I've been learning how to make them most efficiently, with least cleanup. Shaping them with my hands on the stovetop, before they go into the pan, has worked well. I love that our stove has a glass top.
And the rest of our dinner:

We're very grateful for days like today.

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